Link Building: 13 Ways To Get Links Fast in 2018

Do you run a business with an online presence?  Would you like to improve its visibility among your target audience? Link building is one of the most important ways to boost the overall site visibility and your rankings on leading search engines.  This assumes you have great content to link to!

As enticing as it might sound, link building is tough!  Link building techniques evolve as Google’s algorithm makes changes.  Companies and individuals are then forced to adapt their SEO methods.  Assuming you targeted the right keywords in your content, you need to find people who like it enough to link to it.  This is the only way to succeed in the competitive online landscape.

Here are the best link building methods of 2018 for SEO:

  1. Friends: If you have a friend, colleague, family member, or acquaintance that runs a website in your niche, ask them to link to you from the content. If it’s topically relevant, it will help.


  1. Local Business Citations: This is anywhere you list your name, address, and phone number (NAP) online. Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow Pages are all examples of citations.  They also happen to include a backlink to your website.  They certainly help, but they link to so many business that the impact is smaller.


  1. Build Stronger Relationships: There are several opportunities for developing stronger contacts on the Internet. You can start out with online communities related to your business niche including social groups or blogs like Facebook pages.


  1. Give a Testimonial: Testimonial link building always turns out to be a winning situation. There are several businesses out there that offer the opportunity to say a few words about the overall experience while using the products. It offers a great chance to obtain a proper backlink and the required traffic to your site. It goes without saying that you should only offer a testimonial if you actually use the product.


  1. Infographics: Creating infographics is yet another way of promoting links. Infographics serve to be a great way of enticing interest among the target audience. Find a way to visually summarize complicated information into an easily digestible format.


  1. Start a Blog: By writing creative, user-friendly blog posts daily, you bring more traffic to your site naturally. Make sure that the content that you post is relevant, well-structured, and informative.


  1. Guest Posting: There are many website owners that simply don’t have the time to write tons of content. Instead, they ask for help.  This is your opportunity to showcase your writing skills and earn a solid backlink.


  1. Discover Competitor’s Backlinks: Analyze the common backlinks for your competitors and then figure out how to get the same ones. If you both have it, their competitive advantage disappears.


  1. Dead Backlinks: There are many websites that have resource pages. If they haven’t been updated in a while, chances are there are a few dead links.  Reach out to the webmaster and suggest one of your links as a replacement.


  1. Convert Your Mentions into Backlinks: If someone has mentioned your site or services somewhere on the Internet, contact the webmaster and ask him or her to add links to your site. Tools like BuzzSumo are great for this, although pricey.



  1. Launch a Giveaway Campaign: By doing so, you can ask the participants of the campaign to backlink to your site.


  1. Earn the Links Through Content: This is by far the hardest method of link building because it means that you must write better than the other people in your niche.  Generally, it won’t happen.  So, focus on writing something great, then use the methods above to get people to link to it.


  1. Case Studies: If you’ve used a product and had a great experience, share your case study.  You’ll be giving away financial data and facts, but you’ll earn nice links that can help your rankings.

Do you have other ideas we didn’t list?  Contact me and let us know.