18 wheeler truck with advertisements on the side driving through Phoenix, Arizona

Why Truck Advertising Wraps Work So Well

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, bored out of your mind on the way home from work?  If you’re like most people, it happens all the time.  You sit there with nothing to do, waiting for the vehicles in front of you to move a few inches, then you see it – a colorful truck from a local business.  It’s got the company’s name on it, address, and some basic details about what they do.  Then, traffic starts to move, and you drive home like nothing happened.  Three days later, you need a local company to do some work for you and you remember that truck advertising wrap you saw on the road when you were sitting in traffic.  That company’s brand name sticks out in your mind because you’ve seen it in a way that sets it apart from the rest of the companies in your area who provide the same services.  That’s why truck advertising wraps are so great. Quality truck advertising wraps are a smart investment because they increase brand recognition and company name recall dramatically in the local area. 

Who Does Truck Advertising Work For?

Any company who targets local customers can advertise on their vehicles. You can get any size vehicle wrapped, whether it’s a truck, car, van or something else.  Every truck wrap generates an average of 50,000 views per day.  That’s enormous!  Now imagine you have a whole fleet of commercial vehicles that have been wrapped with your company logo, colors, slogan, and information.  People remember it when they see you around town.  And, when you have multiple vehicles, people feel like they see you everywhere, which makes your company look like a great one.  People think that if they see you all the time, everyone must use you, which means that you must be the best.  That’s just how the mind works.  Next time you want to advertise your business, try thinking outside the box for a change.  Instead of throwing up a yellow page ad, find a local auto shop to install a wrap.  While it’s difficult to track ROI, statistics show that the investment pays big dividends in the long run.  It’s a one-time expense that generates 50,000 views a day per vehicle.  Where else can you get that?  Nowhere, without paying some big money for a billboard.